Ashley loves finding opportunities to create community and build relationships. While attending Montana State to get her high school education license, she worked in the outdoor education and youth recreation field. Upon graduation she started teaching as well as coaching high school volleyball. It was then that her love for fitness truly began. Ashley realized that she could take her passion for teaching, love for people, and desire to learn and put it to use in the fitness and nutrition field.

Helping clients find strategies to enjoy fitness, create community, find sustainable and maintainable practices and movements are key points in Ashley’s training. She loves working with clients who are just beginning their fitness journey as well as those that are striving to hone in on their specific goals. Ashley believes that working out physically greatly benefits the person as a whole, and strives to create a sense of habit with her clients in order to help people continue to move well through all life stages. Whether you need a hand in a workout or just want to chat, she looks forward to meeting you.


  • NASM certification in personal training
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach

Fun facts

  • She believes everything tastes better if it’s in burrito form
  • Competed in NPC bikini competitions and coaches competitors
  • Can talk in some pretty funny accents
  • Likes a good cup of coffee more than Chase and Eddie combined

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