What is Urban Fitness?

Urban Fitness is an 11,000 square foot open concept fitness facility created to meet the needs of those that are looking to join a community that is passionate about fitness and equally as passionate about keeping you accountable to reach your goals. With over 40 pieces of top of the line strength and conditioning equipment as well as various fee based training programs available, UFit is sure to bring a balanced approach to your fitness lifestyle.


What are the hours of operation?

Normal Operating Hours

  • Monday-Thursday 5:00am-9:00pm
  • Friday 5:00am-7:00pm
  • Saturday-Sunday 7:00am-6:00pm


Holiday Hours

  • 12/26: 9-5pm
  • New Year’s Eve: 7-2pm
  • New Year’s Day: CLOSED
  • Thanksgiving Day: CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve: 7a-12p
  • Christmas Day: CLOSED

What are the benefits of UFit Mobile App


  • Access to UFit mobile app includes:
    • Basic exercise plans, nutrition plans, and goals
    • Track activities and burnt calories
    • Unlimited Goals and Progress Tracking
    • Add your own activities
    • Full Workout Player
    • More Exercise Plans and Print Option
    • Exercise Plan Creator
    • Advanced Nutrition System
    • Pro Picture Frame
    • Access to UFit trainer/coaching staff via app
  • Complimentary UFit fitness evaluation
  • A committed UFit COMMUNITY that supports and cares about your success. Cause that’s what we do!

I see there is no enrollment fee but there is an annual maintenance fee, what is this?

Correct, at Urban Fitness there will be no enrollment fee, or otherwise known at many gyms as a joining fee. Instead, we have what is called an Annual Maintenance Fee. This fee is $40.00/person is billed to your account yearly, on the date you joined. This fee goes a long way in helping maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the facility. It also helps insure that Urban Fitness stays ahead of current trends both with equipment and continued education in order to continue offering first class experiences to you, our member.


What does a day pass cost?

Day passes are $10 per day. Also, free admittance with the purchase of one of our UFit shirts! Day passes are good only for the day purchased. A week pass is $50 and a monthly pass is $100.


I noticed that Urban Fitness will offer a mobile app. What features can I expect with this app and is there an additional cost?

Yes, UFit will have an app. As a member of UFit, the app will offer our members a friendly and easy to use fitness solution to enhance your fitness experience, help you stay connected beyond the walls of UFit, and help you achieve results! The app allows for the member to check in, control their account, make purchases, and schedule services such as training and online customizable personal training.


What type of programs are available?

Urban Fitness will have a wide range of paid fitness programs available. From individual personal training to large functional team training as well as sports specific performance enhancement programs. We are confident that we have the appropriate fitness programming available for you. Most programs will vary and have different parameters depending on desired goals. Some programs will have start and stop dates where some you can continue and receive monthly programs as long as you would like. No two people are alike in their fitness journey and just the same no two programs are created equal. Urban Fitness strives on developing science based, strategic programs to elevate you to the next fitness level.

Visit our Programs page to see our UFit Training options.


Will UFit offer day care?

We have partnered with Time4Kidz! They are located just behind us! Urban Fitness Members receive the following Urban Fitness pricing:

  • $6/hr child
  • $55/10 hour punch card
  • $100/20 hour punch card

Please visit Time4Kidz for more information about child care!


Is there an age limit to join UFit?

Yes, you must 14 years old to join the gym. If you are 13 years or younger you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, be working with a Personal trainer or participating in one of the programs offered by UFit.

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