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a Melland, PT, DPT




All appointments will be 1 hour. You will be invoiced via email after your appointment. I take HSA!


Initial Evaluation – $125

Your first appointment! I will take the time to listen to you and your goals. I will then do an assessment and get your treatment plan going! This may also include a home or gym-based program.

Follow Up Visit -$100

This is the visit following an initial evaluation. I will continue to assess you, assess your progress and make necessary changes to your plan of care and program. Remember, progress isn’t linear! So the amount of follow up visits is different for everyone!

PT Training – $80/session
10 sessions for $700

We focus more on strength training while pushing towards your goals, but can take the time to assess pain, injury, and movement as needed! This is for when you really want to keep feeling your best but maybe you aren’t entirely ready to leave physical therapy! May also include and personalized program for individual workouts.

*Unsure if PT is right for you? Schedule a 30 minute consult for $45. We can discuss what’s going on and your goals and get you on the right path!

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