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What is Urban Fitness (UFit) Team Training All About?

The purpose for Urban Fitness creating and implementing quality, results-driven team training programs is to motivate and inspire our members to reach their fitness goals. Our UFit Team Training vision is to establish an exciting fitness-driven culture in which every team member has the accountability to and from their fellow UFit team member; a true Team Training Community. Our team training programs will vary throughout the year with the intent to have different modalities (HIIT, Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Hypertrophy etc…) scheduled during the same 4 cycles to allow for various options to choose from.




Why Urban Fitness Team Training?

At Urban Fitness we are dedicated to fostering relationships and building a community of like-minded health and fitness orientated individuals. With this being one of our primary goals, we believe that creating quality results-driven programs we will help bring our members together and promote an atmosphere built upon the foundations of camaraderie and teamwork.

Program Offerings

  • All of UFit in house team training programs are scheduled for 45 to 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. We recommend that team members sign-up at least 24 hours before class is scheduled to reserve their spot as well as show up at least five minutes prior to class for proper check in and warmup.
  • UFit team training has a 8 hour cancellation policy to ensure proper management of classes.
  • All UFit in house team training programs are suggested enhancements to your fitness lifestyle here at Urban Fitness.
  • All UFit in house team training programs are specifically designed for two or three days a week with the purpose to allow for adequate recovery. This is purposeful to allow enough time for recovery and physiologic adaptations. During this time, we recommend you utilize other fitness amenities that UFit has to offer to help compliment your goal(s).
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