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Shannon Lundberg

Shannon grew up in Plains, a small town in northwestern Montana, where she participated in multiple sports including cross-country basketball and track. Her love for sports, interest in human anatomy & physiology, and passion for the outdoors brought her to Montana State University to major and Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. In her junior year of college, she realized her passion for exercise and its many benefits lied in helping others through personal training to help people become their best selves and recognize their strength. Upon graduation, she obtained her Exercise Physiologist certification through ACSM and is committed to continuing her education in a field that is constantly evolving. Her time spent working for the Forest Service for three summers on a trail crew, clearing, maintaining, and improving northwestern Montana trails, working occasionally with wildland fire efforts, as well as being an avid hunter, brought light to her passion for outdoor fitness. She believes that with a strong mind and body we are capable of anything we set our minds to. Whether you are interested in fitness for general health and well-being or committed to a long-held goal she is committed to helping all to achieve their full potential.

Fun facts
Lives for food especially brownies
Loves dogs, cats, and all other animals
Hates jeans and high heeled shoes

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Faith Giovanini

This is Faith Giovanini! She is currently attending Montana State University majoring in Business Management with a minor focus in Interior Design. After graduation in 2023, she hopes to work with successful designers in the valley. Her goal is to one day open her own business of buying, renovating, designing and selling homes within the state. Ever since she was a kid, she has had a passion for styling and designing. While most kids were watching cartoons, she was watching HGTV. Faith has grown up in Bozeman and doesn’t picture herself anywhere else. She enjoys the state’s natural beauties and its outdoor activities. Outside of school and work, you can find her skiing, hiking, wake surfing, and anything that involves being in the sun. Faith looks forward to pursuing her own fitness goals and welcoming others with a smile to do the same here at Urban Fitness!

Kyle Kriesel

Kyle grew up as a multi-sport athlete ranging from basketball, soccer and baseball to swimming, cross country and tennis. A fit and healthy lifestyle was evolved at a young age just to keep up with the demands of excelling in all sports. Once he reached college the health and wellness industry became a true passion, focusing on the biomechanics of the human body and efficient functional movements. He obtained his personal trainer certification in 2013 and has maintained a high level of knowledge with the forever changing health and fitness sciences. Kyle’s clients range from all ages and levels of fitness whether you’re taking on a new healthy lifestyle or looking to fine tune a certain aspect of your fitness journey. Over the last 7 years he has helped motivate and train clients to reach their peak fitness.

His goal is to be a highly sought after personal trainer by demonstrating an understanding of clients health and wellness objectives and how to achieve them. Sharing his knowledge and guiding people into a healthier and happier version of themselves brings great reward to Kyle.


  • ACE certification in Personal Training
  • Specialized (ACE) training in Fitness Nutrition
  • Specialized (ACE) training in Functional Training
  • Specialized (ACE) training in Sports Conditioning

Fun Facts:

  • If he’s not training you can catch him snowboarding, wake surfing or hiking
  • Experienced the crazy modeling world for six years
  • Enjoys researching and exploring new music

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Ashley Newell

Ashley loves finding opportunities to create community and build relationships. While attending Montana State to get her high school education license, she worked in the outdoor education and youth recreation field. Upon graduation she started teaching as well as coaching high school volleyball. It was then that her love for fitness truly began. Ashley realized that she could take her passion for teaching, love for people, and desire to learn and put it to use in the fitness and nutrition field.

Helping clients find strategies to enjoy fitness, create community, find sustainable and maintainable practices and movements are key points in Ashley’s training. She loves working with clients who are just beginning their fitness journey as well as those that are striving to hone in on their specific goals. Ashley believes that working out physically greatly benefits the person as a whole, and strives to create a sense of habit with her clients in order to help people continue to move well through all life stages. Whether you need a hand in a workout or just want to chat, she looks forward to meeting you.


  • NASM certification in personal training
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach

Fun facts

  • She believes everything tastes better if it’s in burrito form
  • Competed in NPC bikini competitions and coaches competitors
  • Can talk in some pretty funny accents
  • Likes a good cup of coffee more than Chase and Eddie combined

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Franchi Ceartin

Franchi is a senior at Bozeman High School graduating spring of 2021, with plans to attend college for either Kinesiology or Exercise Science. This will lead to her ultimate goal of pursuing a postgraduate degree in Physical Therapy. She has grown up playing many sports, spending 8 years as a competitive gymnast and all 4 years of high school on the Bozeman Hawk Golf Team.  When not at Urban Fitness in the summer you will find her on the golf course or you can find her on Canyon Ferry Lake throwing a rooster tail on the glassy lake. In the fall she’s hiking in the mountains looking for an elk or maybe a mountain lion or bobcat.

Eddie Davila

Helping people and continuing to learn and grow are things that Eddie is extremely passionate about. He genuinely enjoys helping people in any way he can. It just so happens that he has a deep-rooted interest in fitness and how it can combat disease and have positive impacts on the mind and body (and biceps, of course). He is fascinated at how a stimulus (e.g., exercise), coupled with good eating habits and quality rest, can alter the body’s physiology in such a way that living, breathing, and moving become easier, enjoyable, and so rewarding! Life is good. Fitness is just one way to improve the quality of it and in so many ways! Eddie is VERY thrilled and humbled to be able to share his passions with the UF Team and the UF community!

Eddie earned his bachelors in exercise science and his masters degree in exercise physiology and nutrition from Montana State University (MSU). He’s been working in the fitness industry for the past 15 years. He also works as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital where he works directly with cardiac and respiratory patients undergoing evidence-based rehabilitative exercise training. Further, Eddie also serves as a Kinesiology adjunct instructor at MSU. Lastly, he volunteers on various committees for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and other organizations to help review, edit, and create exercise science educational materials for professionals and students within the health and fitness industries.


  • ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level 3 Credentialed
  • Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

Fun Facts:

  • Huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd
  • LOVES music
  • Enjoys reading as much info as he can
  • Will dominate a package of Oreos anywhere, anytime (with milk)
  • Loves to laugh

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Chase Isle

Chase’s introduction to the fitness world started when he was a young athlete growing up in small town Montana. With limited access to quality coaching and proper fitness techniques, he strived to teach himself and gather as much research and understanding of both athletic performance and overall fitness as he possible could. He started applying the knowledge he had acquired and began exercising with intent and focus towards becoming the fastest, strongest and most functional version of himself. Through this process, he developed a passion for perfecting his understanding of body mechanics, strength training, and sport performance enhancement.

Chase’s passion and dedication to maximizing his personal health and understanding the complexity of the human body lead him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Montana State University, while also being a collegiate athlete. In addition to his degree in Kinesiology, Chase went on to earn a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification in personal training and a NASM Performance Enhancement Certification. He has used his education, certifications, and personal training knowledge to help guide and motivate hundreds of clients to accomplish their fitness goals.

A long-lasting passion and experience in the fitness industry has helped him realize the importance of the human connection from both a physical and mental aspect. Realizing this, he decided that to reach and connect to as many people as possible he needed a taller platform to stand on. After 15 years of personal training in the corporate sector, and with the expertise and knowledge of partner Eddie Davila, the Urban Fitness brand was created! Through Urban Fitness, Chase hopes to offer a facility that allows members and guests an outlet to be creative and functional in utilizing fitness as a way of life.

Fun Facts:

  • When Chase is not training clients, himself or working around the gym you will find him with his wife Sheryl and their 3 dogs exploring all that Montana has to offer.
  • He is an avid MSU bobcat and Minnesota Vikings fan
  • Enjoys golfing and watching anything related to the supernatural.

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