Chase’s introduction to the fitness world started when he was a young athlete growing up in small town Montana. With limited access to quality coaching and proper fitness techniques, he strived to teach himself and gather as much research and understanding of both athletic performance and overall fitness as he possible could. He started applying the knowledge he had acquired and began exercising with intent and focus towards becoming the fastest, strongest and most functional version of himself. Through this process, he developed a passion for perfecting his understanding of body mechanics, strength training, and sport performance enhancement.

Chase’s passion and dedication to maximizing his personal health and understanding the complexity of the human body lead him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Montana State University, while also being a collegiate athlete. In addition to his degree in Kinesiology, Chase went on to earn a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification in personal training and a NASM Performance Enhancement Certification. He has used his education, certifications, and personal training knowledge to help guide and motivate hundreds of clients to accomplish their fitness goals.

A long-lasting passion and experience in the fitness industry has helped him realize the importance of the human connection from both a physical and mental aspect. Realizing this, he decided that to reach and connect to as many people as possible he needed a taller platform to stand on. After 15 years of personal training in the corporate sector, and with the expertise and knowledge of partner Eddie Davila, the Urban Fitness brand was created! Through Urban Fitness, Chase hopes to offer a facility that allows members and guests an outlet to be creative and functional in utilizing fitness as a way of life.

Fun Facts:

  • When Chase is not training clients, himself or working around the gym you will find him with his wife Sheryl and their 3 dogs exploring all that Montana has to offer.
  • He is an avid MSU bobcat and Minnesota Vikings fan
  • Enjoys golfing and watching anything related to the supernatural.

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