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Exercising the Immune System

  There are numerous proven benefits from participating in exercise. For example, exercise can decrease the risk of developing conditions such as coronary heart disease (CHD), type 2 diabetes, stroke and even some cancers (e.g., breast and colon). Further, exercise can reduce blood pressure, as well as other CHD biomarkers, help with weight management and improve […]

Reopening Highlights from Urban Fitness

The country varies drastically in their respective stages of reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Some states have fitness centers that are still closed, while other states have allowed for fitness centers to open, contingent on the adherence of certain operational guidelines specific to the county or state. Like many industries, the fitness […]

Weathering the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has created unprecedented disruption in our nation. With millions of people claiming unemployment and much of America shut down, the health and economic impacts of this viral infection will not be forgotten anytime soon. Gyms, among millions of other businesses, have been forced to close their doors in order to support national […]

Strategies for Connecting the Fitness and Medical Communities

  Finding and maintaining different sources of revenue streams are important for business longevity. There are many avenues through which to do this. Some common approaches are personal training, group fitness programming, retail and kids care. However, another and arguably less utilized strategy can be to establish relationships with the medical community in your area. […]

Leverage the Client Intake

The client intake (or pre-participation health screening) is a valuable tool that helps keep members safe while exercising in your club and adds value to their overall experience. One of the most important proactive retention strategies is getting a member effectively integrated into your club offerings — and early. The pre-participation health screening is one […]

Effectively Incorporating Team Fitness Programming

  Generally, there are three ways to drive business: Upsell a current customer. Get a current customer to buy more frequently. Acquire a new customer. Effective fitness programming can be a great non-dues revenue stream and positively impact retention. We know from industry data that the camaraderie, accountability and relationships people establish while participating in […]

The Differentiator: The What, the Why and the How

What is your differentiator? Your value proposition? What is unique about your fitness business? These are all common questions that operators should ask themselves and their teams on a frequent basis. Consider this: a squat performed within the confines of your fitness facility is the same as a squat performed in your competitor’s – assuming […]

3 Hidden Problems With the Back Squat and How To Fix Them

3 Key Learning Objectives: Understand how to identify upper extremity deficits. Understand the importance of movement assessment for this exercise. Understand coaching cures related to these deficits. The back squat exercise is one of the most widely utilized exercises to improve lower extremity strength and function and athletic performance. The back squat exercise is a […]

Exercise and the Gut

There are many documented benefits from engaging in regular exercise. Changes in lean muscle mass, weight loss, decreases in blood pressure and blood sugar, and improvements in power development are just a few examples. The list goes on. However, a topic that has garnered attention within recent years is the impact of exercise on the […]

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